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Ask J.Brandice

"Ask J.Brandice" is a Christian Lifestyle Blog that addresses issues that concern women. Whether it's ministry, marriage and family, entrpreneurship, finances, health/beauty...this blog is a new SisterCircle for women of purpose. J.Brandice is a Christian Life Coach with over a decade in ministry and education. She truly has a servant's heart and desires to help others reach their highest potential, God's Purpose for their life. 

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Posted on August 22, 2018 at 11:35 AM Comments comments (3)

Good Morning to All:-)

This post is the first of many. I created this space to share inspirational and thought-provoking material that will empower others to become a better person each day. There is information about me the "About" link. However, I want to be able to share real life experiences and help you along in real life situations as the Holy Spirit would lead me to do. This page is dedicated to all women of purpose that know they have been called by God to do remarkable work to enhance His Kingdom. Whether you're a stay-at-mom (household engineer), work-from-home mom with a remote position, a mommypreneur managing more than one position, in ministry, an educator, a doctor, a lawyer or any other profession...this blog is for you. Now, as I am trying to get the hang of blogging and vlogging (lol), please feel free to submit questions you may have or share your story. All too often, when the Lord brings us out of troubling/challenging situations, we are reluctant to share our story with others for the fear of feeling embarrassed or being judged. I submit to you today that our trials are used to mold and shape us into the women we are to become. Therefore, our issues are not all about us. In fact, they always serve a greater purpose. Have you ever gone through a painful experience only to have a chance "run-in" with someone else (sometimes a total stranger) that shares an almost identical story of their own with you? These occurrences are not by happenstance. They are special opportunities for us to share God's loving kindness and encourage someone else, just as we ourselves were once strengthened. So, be blessed on today and every day.

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